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HARTZ Search is proud to present Kristin Kaufman, CEO of Alignment Inc., and her expert coaching advice on how to achieve executive presence in today’s business environment with authenticity. We think this guidance is of more importance than ever for all leaders, particularly as we navigate changes in the way we conduct business and how we present ourselves in this digital world.

Kristin addresses how to:

1.Develop your personal brand – write your own story

2.Make yourself Stand Out!

3.Create your X-Factor – embrace your uniqueness

Visit the link above and use the included password to see how Kristin recommends you accomplish creating your own unique presence. If you are interested in getting Kristin’s complete list of tips on ‘How to Stand Out’….and additional information on her online courses and leadership coaching offerings….please simply send your name/email to:  – and she will send you her complete list!

Presented By: Kristin Kaufman | CEO | Alignment Inc.  |  O: 214-526-4944 or C: 214-335-2240