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Congratulations! Brian Koski & Ryan Hughes Design | Build!

HARTZ Search is excited to announce the placement of Brian Koski as the new President & Chief Operating Officer at Ryan Hughes Design | Build. After an extensive national search, Ryan Hughes Design | Build has selected Mr. Koski to establish the core foundation processes, streamline operations, and develop the organization’s three and five-year strategic plans. 

He will provide the leadership, management, and vision necessary to ensure that the company has the proper operational controls, administrative, reporting procedures, and people systems to grow the organization effectively and provide financial strength and operating efficiency. The position accomplishes this through a respectful, constructive, and energetic style, guided by the company’s objectives.

Our sincere congratulations to Mr. Brian Koski and Ryan Hughes Design | Build!

Brian KoskiMr. Koski joins Ryan Hughes Design/Build from Home Surplus, a regional business products business with five retail locations servicing New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington DC. As CEO and member of the Board, he managed all operations and resources for the organization and long-term strategies and acquisition plans for the corporation’s growth. Brian fostered a strong collaboration between the Board and Investors to build a company that maximizes shareholder value and to help the company thrive for the long term.

Brian will be bringing his twenty-five years of cross-functional leadership experience to the team, as they work together to grow the company, while maintaining the same standards of excellence for which Ryan Hughes Design | Build is known across Florida and the US.

Mr. Koski earned his Bachelor of Arts in Finance and Economics from Fordham University and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Ryan Hughes Design | Build is a second-generation company reborn for the 21st  century. Ryan Hughes Design | Build brings a fresh perspective to outdoor living with creatively infused comprehensive services. The firm’s scope encompasses everything outside the walls of the home, from the hardscape to landscape, right down to the outdoor furniture and accessories. Ryan Hughes Design | Build is a licensed pool contractor complemented by landscape design and architecture services available to an international clientele.

HARTZ Search is a proud partner of Ryan Hughes Design | Build. We look forward to the continued success of both Mr. Brian Koski, the new President & Chief Operating Officer, and Ryan Hughes Design | Build!