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HARTZ Search Top Diversity Executive Search Firm

HARTZ Search is beyond excited and proud to be included in the Hunt Scanlon Media list for HR/Diversity Recruiting Power 65 Rankings!

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HR/Diversity Power 65

HARTZ Search Top Diversity Search Firm


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Clear Winners

“Executive search firms have been active during the pandemic,” said Mike Hartz, president and CEO of HARTZ Search. “We noticed a brief, two- to three-week pause when cities across the country were establishing shelter in place orders, but once those were eased business continued to be consistent and then picking up towards the end of summer. Our firm experienced strong growth in 2020 in executive search, and steady to slightly lower growth in interim leadership engagements and consulting services,” he noted.

“I think we will continue to see additional consolidation of systems, M&A activity and hospitals looking to recover from their losses,” Mr. Hartz said. “On the positive side, I think we have seen more collaboration between systems, payors, physicians, GPOs, and competitors during this time to ensure their patients, employees and communities had testing sites available, access to PPE, working hard to reach underserved populations than in recent past. I think we will see organizations working hard to improve messaging to patients, employees and communities and an increased interest in emergency/ disaster preparedness, multiple lines of supply chain and increased need/ demand for analytics and ways to share the information securely.”

Mr. Hartz said that leaders who understand and demonstrate agility in their decision-making, building teams, leading change and transparent communication during challenging times will be the clear winners. “I think a visible leader that can inspire continuous improvement, accountability, empathy, dignity and respect for all wins. A leader that engages all stakeholders to take ownership in the vision of the organization will be highly successful during today’s business climate.”

Life Sciences and Healthcare Search Activity Remained Robust During Pandemic Year