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Hartz Search’s CEO, Mike Hartz, in a Recent Podcast with Scott Becker of the Scott Becker Business Podcast

Hartz Search CEO, Mike Hartz recently spoke on the Scott Becker Business Podcast about the origins of the company. He explained how our executive search and interim leadership business grew, even in the wake of Covid-19 and what sets us apart.

Who We Are and What We Do

Mike Hartz is the CEO of Hartz Search and Treetop Talent specializing in Executive Search, Interim Leadership and Talent Consulting in the fields of healthcare and higher education.  Hartz works with a full-range of healthcare clients from small healthcare organizations and rural hospitals up through and including large national healthcare institutions. Hartz typically places individuals at the Director level and above acting as a concierge recruitment service for their clients.

Sources of Pride for Hartz Search

  • Growth. Since our inception, we have experienced incredible growth in revenue, scope, and client base. Our headquarters is in Charlotte and we’ve since opened off
    ices in Dallas and San Diego.
  • Diversity. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and have an active portfolio of candidates from all backgrounds. Half of our health care search placements have been filled by candidates from diverse backgrounds, including C-suite level executives. More and more of our clients are understanding that a balanced work force is critically important to the communities they serve. In fact, their communities want to see that they are represented at all levels of an organization, not just at the staff and management level but at the C-Suite as well. Per Mike Hartz, when an organization hires diverse leaders, the organization is saying to their community, “We hear you. We see you and we want you to be a part of our workforce”.
  • Response. We know that staffing and employment seeking can be stressfull. We replace anxiety with dignity and respect by being responsive to everyone’s needs at each step of the process. We contact all out new prospects within 24 hours and foster that relationship in every minute we work together.
  • Patience. Finding the right job isn’t just about filling a vacancy, it’s about investing in a career. Mike encourages all his candidates to be patient and find the job that aligns with their goals and values. There is nothing more rewarding than a career that allows you to grow your knowledge and expertise.

Staying Staffed in Today’s Uncertain Climate

These are challenging times. The pandemic makes planning your future difficult. Our experience shows that companies are willing to move forward. They recognize that mission critical positions need to be filled and that strategy shouldn’t stall.

We are seeing an uptick in rural search success. More people are open to relocating to rural areas away from urban traffic and pandemic exposure. The calm and stability these positions offer compensates for many of the amenities left behind.

Learn More About Hartz Search

We’d love to meet you; we’re in the business of connection after all. Let us be an ally and advocate for your next staffing need or career change. We have a proven network of diverse and knowledgeable people ready to connect you to your next big success.

Hartz Search CEO, Mike Hartz