Interim Leadership

Interim Leadership


The right talent – right when you need them.

Interim Leadership can be an effective & operational tool utilized when an organization needs to maintain services and/or a catalyst is needed, due to a planned or unplanned departures of mission-critical leadership.  HARTZ Search partners with our clients to provide high-impact interim executives, directors and managers that will quickly integrate with your culture, strategy and business objectives.  Healthcare can be unpredictable, a single gap during the implementation of strategy or daily operations, can be stifling to an organizations’ momentum and competitive advantage. HS Interim Leaders make a quick impact and need less time to orient in an organization due to their skills and experience as consultative, change management experts. Each week our Interim Leaders will provide a progress report to ensure quality patient care, productivity, financial stability and shared goals achieve the desired deliverables.

Interim leaders deliver outstanding value and often come to the rescue for healthcare organizations when a gap in performance and leadership could be detrimental to achieving organizational goals. The departure of a leader, particularly an unplanned one, can leave an organization at a decision point of how best to continue with the organization’s agenda. Interim leaders provide high value leadership and management support that allows the organization to take the time necessary to recruit a permanent leader. In addition, Interim Leaders often benefit the organization by providing a fresh approach and perspective unencumbered by existing culture and constraints. Interim Leaders true value often shines when the interim executives can assist in the onboarding of the selected permanent candidate to the environment, operations and challenges of the position and work with the organization during the transition.

Our Interim Leaders are instrumental in leading change for our client organizations. While we are experts at sourcing the right leader for your culture quickly, our leaders do more than fill a gap. Hartz Search is hands-on throughout the interim assignment, providing oversight, strategy and guidance for our interim professionals. Communication and performance are our number one goals – we achieve this consistently for our clients with interim leaders that make a difference. We know our interim talent pool, keep open communication between the interim and our client, we provide seamless transitions from interim to perm, high performance for major turnaround initiatives, consultants who have been there and anticipate your needs.


  1. Does a change need to happen in the department around culture, status quo, productivity and retention?
  2. Is the organization missing a leader with the requisite experience, training and skills to successfully implement a new strategy?
  3. Are you adding a new service line and need a hands-on leader to jump start the process?
  4. Do you have a planned or unplanned leader exiting the organization and no succession plan in place?
  5. Do you have a project with a defined timeline and need a leader immediately, while you recruit for a permanent leader?
  6. Are you in your Joint Commission Window?
  7. Are you located in an area where permanent leadership talent is difficult to attract?
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HARTZ Search Interim Executives & Directors – The RIGHT Talent, RIGHT When you need them.