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Our Service Dedication to You – Business Continuity During COVID-19

First and foremost we want to thank you for your continued partnership with HARTZ Search and assure you of our continued service ability and dedication to our client and candidate partners during this time. Our recruitment team remains hard at work and available to you during the current outbreak of COVID-19.

Active Searches and HARTZ Search Contact and Availability Update

All of us are dealing with unprecedented times and challenges with COVID-19.  HARTZ Search has decided to take social distancing and isolation measures having all of our team members work remotely from home offices all tools available and full virtual capabilities to assist the flattening of the curve and quarantine movements.  Rest assured, we are available and still working on engagements with our clients and candidates; we will continue to provide concierge service to everyone.  We are your Partner through the Good and Bad times; we are all in this together.

We remain consistently available to all of our partners via email, video and phone. Our entire operation has been cloud based since inception and all of our vendors and providers have taken their own measures to ensure business operation continuity and precautions for their team members.

Our Team remains available to you at a moment’s notice!

Our technical platform is designed to mitigate crisis events and will not be impacted in any way. Our secure, cloud-based IT infrastructure serves our team at any location, 24/7, to be productive wherever they may be. Additionally, with many of our client teams and candidate partners likely working from home, we are here to help everyone in any way we can to make sure your ongoing recruitment and development efforts are uninterrupted.

Carol Maxwell, Alison Iobst, and I are available if you need to discuss schedule changes, use virtual tools to keep the search process moving forward, or simply need an ear to listen.  HARTZ Search can moderate and schedule Virtual interviews using ZOOM and GoToMeeting to assist in conducting virtual interviews with candidates and your team. Please note that to help you, we would need to send the invite from our end and moderate the meeting to utilize our licenses.  We can discuss with you and your team, how this would work, and options to participate/ moderate.

Staying Strong Together – We believe in the strength and resilience of our society and our healthcare and business communities and remain confident that this situation will rebound. As we face the uncertain times ahead, we know we can weather this storm together come out even stronger. We also recognize the emotional toll these times take on leaders faced with making very hard decisions for your business during a time when new information is coming to you at a pace that may make crafting communication to your constituents a struggle.  We know talented leaders will be needed in the times ahead, now more than ever; HARTZ Search is hear for you throughout the days ahead and will confidentially support you in this time of difficulty.


HARTZ Search Contact Information 

We remain available at (800) 596-8191 or (704) 438-9904 – if you have trouble reaching us please email


As always, we wish you and your loved one’s safety, wellness and continued health.


With gratitude,

The HARTZ Search Team